Health Coaching

The comprehensive quality of Jackie’s therapy session surpassed my expectations.  I will definitely be returning.

-Josh H 


  I enjoyed my sessions with Jackie so much that I am sorry to see my 6-month program come to an end. When I first contacted Jackie, my goal was to lose weight. What I did not realize was how much everything else in my life was affecting this goal. Jackie’s health and lifestyle coaching helped me to work through these challenges and issues. I loved her calm demeanor at our meetings. She is a great listener and always followed up at the next meeting with some helpful piece of information, recipes, or advice. Eventually I did achieve my goal to lose weight. It has been a slow process that has included lifestyle changes I can continue for the rest of my life. I can’t thank Jackie enough for helping me to bring everything in my life to a more balanced and healthy place. 

~Cathy H.


  There’s a certain “je ne sais quois” about Jackie’s technique that’s fantastic.  I feel transformed, and I’m not really sure why.  I really feel wonderfully different.  The word relaxed is too common for what Jackie has done.  Thank You!!

-Meredith T

  I loved having Jackie as my cheerleader these past 6 months, she was never judgmental and I felt very comfortable discussing personal issues with her.   After each session I felt motivated and excited about trying new foods and food substitutions.  Jackie’s approach was holistic: including spiritual growth, self esteem and how we interact with those closest to us.  We visited a grocery store and a new world of food opened for me-new veggies and whole grains.  Before beginning this program most of the food I purchased was in the middle of the store but no longer -now I spend much more time in the produce and health food aisles.  I am cooking more often, enjoying it and anxious to try new recipes.  But I think the best result of our 6 months is the connection we made and how much better I feel about myself.  Real change is easier if you have some self esteem.

Thank you Jackie!
-Karen M.  

Live Wholly From the Inside Out!

Jackie takes extra care to find out what needs extra attention, to seek out and work out knots, to make sure that I am comfortable, and has a wonderful technique that tells me she knows what I am feeling.  I regularly recommend her to my own clients!

-Liz J (Personal Trainer)